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"One Man’s Obsession with the Past creates a wave of Nostalgia”
-Ron Alexander, The New York Times

"(Ira Gallen is) One of the Industry’s Top Tracers of lost film and Television.
- New York Daily News

"These Commercials and Television Shows are a Social History of the way we were Over fifty years ago, it’s more then a Nostalgia buff can stand.”
-Leonard Maltin, Entertainment Tonight

Flipping through the channels are we? Well welcome to the inner sanctum of, your one stop shopping guide to watching, buying, licensing and documenting some of the rarest and in most cases one of a kind Films, Television Shows, Cartoons, Newsreels, Sound & Silent Feature Films, Shorts, Soundies, Industrials, Home Movies and especially Commercials from the Golden Age of Television, and early film.

As one of this country’s leading self proclaimed baby-boomer gurus of my television & film collecting generation I thought it was the right time to start making more of my film & television findings available in my extensive DVD Collection. In the near future many of the titles will be offered in the limited edition Video Download Series. For over thirty five years my Video Resources Archives has been used as a Stock Footage Library world wide.

Purchase Classic Commercials & Specialty Commercials on DVD – The most popular flash back for boomers and fans is going through our great series of uncut classic commercials. The same commercials have been edited into a series of ‘specialty’ volumes for the hobbyist that include Toys, Cars, Sports, Dolls, Cigarettes, Animation Commercials, Women commercials, and Cereal among others.

Video Resources NY Archives has been used by scholars, schools, universities, ad agencies, film studios, feature film producers, directors, music videos, documentary filmmakers, collectors, hobbyists, toy companies, toy retailers, network and cable news, magazine and variety shows worldwide.

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